Digital Disruption: Organizational Collaboration

Claire Gibbons

Digital Disruption: Organizational Collaboration

Universities and large organizations are good at setting up projects – really good. At any one time, a Higher Education Institution will have projects covering all manner of activities – restructures, new IT systems, adoption of new legislation. They bring people together as a Team under the leadership of a Project Manager. They have budgets assigned to them. They have deliverables which may or may not be achieved. They create reports and ‘lessons learnt’. They are high profile and employees know about them.

And then they stop.

And so do the teams that were created, as well as the focus and attention that the project brought to that issue or opportunity. A project is finite – it has a beginning and an end – which is fine for completing one-off tasks in a timely and cost-effective way. However, digital transformation isn’t a one-off task to be completed. It is a journey, an evolution, a process, and as such, a different approach is required for it to be a success.

That approach is collaboration. Collaboration isn’t a one-off – it’s a culture, a way of working, and needs to be continuous and permeate across the institution continually.

“The age of the collaboration, of the team, of the group, is emerging”, Gerry McGovern

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