TERMINALFOUR University offers an extraordinary range and diversity of research opportunities that students and faculty enjoy. The university provides unparalleled opportunities for learning and research.

We are constantly looking for ways to apply our research to help make new breakthroughs in technology.

This centre of research excellence shows our commitment to excellence and being at the forefront of new knowledge.

Across the university, we have teams of expert researchers working on projects and trials.

Our research scholars engage in research that extends beyond the classroom and around the globe. We pride ourselves on tackling issues that are of huge benefit.

We are committed to an intellectual environment that is conducive to the discovery and communication of new knowledge.

Generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations, TERMINALFOUR University research has had an impact in tech around the globe in areas such as personalization, variance testing, responsive design and accessibility among other areas. 


Student Research

At TERMINALFOUR University, we have a firm believe that some of the biggest and best ideas come from fresh viewpoints.

Our university is driven by a united reason: an insatiable intellectual curiosity.

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TERMINALFOUR researchers make advancements in higher education technology.

 Students conduct and contribute to research with opportunities and assistance from the following resources:

  • TERMINALFOUR University Careers department: advice, training, networking opportunities, research and internship opportunities
  • The Research and development department: research developments and internship opportunities
  • Student support, a searchable online database of funding sources, offers support to students when and where needed

Our researchers secured more than $200 million in research awards during fiscal year 2013.

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Our Work