What makes T4 University great?


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University is about more than an education. Your university experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you make your world better.

A row of bicyclesCareer Prospects
One of the best characteristics of the TERMINALFOUR University is that there are many great options for just about everyone. If you're thinking of bettering your career prospects and know what you want to do after graduating, a T4U degree can significantly improve your job prospects at the same time as giving you professional skills and knowledge relevant to your future career.

Flexible Learning Options
At TERMINALFOUR University we recognise that University doesn’t necessarily involve several years of full-time study in one place. We want what will work best for you so we provide flexible study options let you choose how and when you learn. These include part-time study, distance and online learning and work-based learning.

Personal development
TERMINALFOUR University is interested in letting you develop as an individual. We give you time to develop new interests, to learn new skills and to meet lots of new people. If this is your first time away from home, you’ll become more independent and self-reliant.

Valuable employability skills
An increasing number of graduate jobs do not specify a particular subject area. The skills you will learn in your time at TERMINALFOUR University in the areas of information technology, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving will become invaluable in the search for employment after university.