A day in the life of a T4U student. What makes TERMINALFOUR U stand out?



Your student years should be the best years of your life. As well as getting a top class education through our various programs, you can get involved socially or discover new sports and interests you didn't know you had.

Fall image of leaves on the ground. Close Up.Campus life will be a lot different to school, in a really good way. You'll have a much greater sense of responsibility and independence as your day to day life now involves classes, seminars, labs, practical work as well as independent study.

During your time here you'll have the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world. As we see time and time again TERMINALFOUR University friends are friends for life.

Our ultra-modern health and fitness centre, just opened this year, has lots of classes and activities for you to take part in to keep your body active as your mind works out all day. It's home to many University sports clubs, as well as a salon and health spa. Why not try our our many classes in our spacious dance studio.

Our Students Union at TERMINALFOUR University was crowned 'University Student's Union of the Year 2014'. Run by students, for students, it is a hub for support and social activities. For support on your transition our team of students are available to chat at any time to take the stress of your everyday concerns. Struggling with budget or managing your time, talk to the best of TERMINALFOUR University to get you through it. Whatever the case, you can be assured of receiving the best expert advice.

These years are what you make of them, make them great.