Main Features

Sample Data is jam-packed with features to super charge your site. The listing below gives an overview of all the highlights.


View A-Z

This listing is created using the built in Site Manager 'A to Z Navigation' navigation object. It shows an A-Z listing of all visible sections.


View blog

The T4 blog is similar to Uses json/javascript tagging fueled by keywords. 

Cookies - personalised journey

View Cookies - personalised journey

Javascript cookies are created when a user chooses either Undergraduate or Postgraduate options in any of the course search blocks throughout the site. Once this cookie is in place the 'Quicklinks' content throughout the site will be change to be tailored for either Undergraduate or Postgraduate going forward.

Digital Signage

View Digital Signage Demonstration

Content in TERMINALFOUR can be output in many different ways for many different situations. In the example above we present the same news articles that are show on the website's news page. Having the ability to have multiple different visual outputs of the same underlying content means it is very easy to create something like the above which could be used to show the latest news on campus displays throughout your University.

Emergency Notice

View Emergency Notice

Emergency notices can be added to your site to inform students of immergencies in progress. Visit the link above for more details as to how this is implemented.

Events Calendar

Calendar listing

Our new PHP Events Calendar can read in events from multiple sources. As well as reading events created by TERMINALFOUR (XML or JSON) the new calendar can read Google Calendar Events as well as iCal feeds.

The different calendar views within it such as the calendar view and filter fields are built in a modular way to allow them to be added easily to your own pages as normal content. The HTML and the calendar logic are completely separated so you have full control over how the calendar looks and feels. This allows for as much customisation as neccesary to sit comfortably into your site.

FAQ page

View FAQ page

The FAQ page is set up using a FAQ widget content type and each FAQ item is added using a different content type (FAQ item). Those items can be anywhere in the Site Structure as the FAQ widget uses the Keyword Navigation object and an element to choose what section the questions are populated from. The accordion interaction is javascript based and uses the default Foundation accordion scripts to achieve the show/hide.

Form Builder

View Form Builder example

Form builder is a froms solution built into TERMINALOUR. Forms can be easliy created by dragging and dropping elements into place. You have control over the styling of these forms yourself or you can include our out of the box style for quick user forms.

Forms submissions are handled by our secure formbank service so you don't have to worry about your TERMINALFOUR instance going offline.

Form submissions can be sent via email and also brought into TERMINALFOUR as content.

Multiple homepage designs

View Multiple homepage designs:

View Design 1

View Design 2

Two more examples of homepage designs to give options in terms of using the Sample Site as a pop up website.

News Tagging

View News Tagging

News tagging is done via javascript. The news content type has an alternate content layout which populates a json file. The tag links on the fulltext of the news content pass a parameter to the URL which the javascript uses to query the json file and return a list of news items that have that tag associated with them.

Program Catalog Builder

View Program Catalog Builder

The program catalog is PHP-run application. It allow's Universities to upload their entire prospectus pdf into Site Manager and then give their users the ability to create a more customised version of that document, tailored to their specific interests. The appropriate sections of the document are outlined within Site Manager by page ranges spanning specific program information. The user simply chooses which information is relevant to them and then downloads a PDF with their tailored information. 

Program Compare

View Program Compare

Program compare is a PHP module. Using javascript cookies it allows you to save programs to a saved program list as you browse or searchprograms. Once you have saved the programs you are interested in you can then choose to compare up to 3 programs at a time. The Site Manager admin user can choose from a list which elements should be displayed in the compare view. Programs can be added/removed from the saved program list as neccesary by the user. The compare page will list the information for up to 3 programs side by side to allow users to compare elements of each program. 

Program Hub - Advanced Program

View Program Hub - Advanced Program

The advanced setup allows for certain information to be stored in a central location and for it to be brought into any program as it is needed. For example you can enter your tutors elsewhere in your site structure and assign the program codes that they teach on. Any program that has the same program code as that tutor will show the information for that associated tutor. The content only needs to be updated and managed in one place for it to affect all programs with that tutor. If the information for a particular program is not suitable to use shared content then also have the ability to add content that is specific to that program only.

In this Sample Data example all Postgraduate programs are the 'Advanced {rogram' set up, while all undergraduate programs use the basic program content type.

In this example this content type is also hooked up to the program compare feature to allow users to save and compare programs as they browse. Both program content types are also fed into the program search feature.

Program Hub - Basic Program

View Program Hub - Basic Program

The basic program structure has all of your necessary program related elements within one program content template. Each piece of program content will be individually authored per program. In this Sample Data example all Undergraduate programs are 'Basic Program' set up, while all post-graduate programs use the more advanced program content type. In this example this content type is also hooked up to the program compare feature to allow users to save and compare programs as they browse. Both program content types are also fed into the program search feature.

Program Search

View Program Search

'Program Search Advanced' is a PHP driven program search. It runs off JSON which is generated directly from the program content within Site Manager. The filters are multiple (for example you can filter by department AND duration AND campus at once). The ability to modify results are done via facets such as list facet, related terms facet, dropdown facets and a range facet. The searchable content is determined directly by the University by picking the preferred elements in the program content type to add to the JSON file. The program search has built in intelligent algorithms such as frequency, term order and proximity search criteria to make sure the results are relevant to the user’s search.

In this instance the advanced program search results have been hooked up to the program compare feature to allow users to save and then compare programs.

Programmable Layouts

View Programmable Layouts

Programmable layouts are in place on the homepage to cut the news title to a manageable length for the homepage blocks and insert an ellipsis after the characters length. On homepage layout 2 those extra characters are wrapped in span tags to allow for CSS to show or hide that content based on the screen width.


View Sitemap

This sitemap is created using the built in Site Manager Site Map navigation object and some javascript added to allow for accordion navigation. It displays all visible sections in the hierarchy.

Social Stream

View Social Stream

The Social Stream is a jquery based plugin that hooks up to multiple social networks and displays content in a masonry style. Users can filter on a per social network basis. This is a premium plugin and needs a licence for client use. Details of all support and feed options are here 

Staff Directory

View Staff Directory

Staff Directory works off a similar code base to the Advanced Course Search, but instead of searching course content, it searches Staff content. The PHP code for this search is hugely adaptable and the filters can be run off any element within the selected content type. In this instance the filters include elements such as Last name, Title and Department.

Video Content

View Video Content

The Sample Site has content types that are built to display either YouTube or Vimeo video content. The TERMINALFOUR user enters in the video URL into the video content type to show their video.

XML/RSS generated from content

View XML/RSS generated from content

The XML content is created using a combination of a 'Publish to One' navigation object to collate the information, and a 'Generate File' navigation object to produce the .xml file. In this instance the Publish to One brings back all the news items in the entire site in an alternate content layout text/xml to produce this file.